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Is spanking my child illegal?

Navigation:  Home > Legal Questions >Is spanking my child illegal?


No. Spanking in the United States is not illegal, so long as it doesn't rise to the level of abuse. However, this doesn't mean spanking is socially acceptable or the right thing to do. Of course, this is a legal forum, and as such, lawyers may not be in the best position to tell parents whether or not to spank their children. However, studies do suggest that spanking can be harmful for children. Though, many children learn discipline quickly from a spanking, results of studies show children who are regularly spanked are more prone to aggression, antisocial behavior and abuse of their own children or spouse later in life. Studies also show that children who are spanked are more defiant of their parents, not less. Perhaps it is for this reason that eleven countries in Europe do ban spanking.

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