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How do I Start a "Legal" Petition

Navigation:  Home > Tax Law > How Do I Start a Legal Petition?


As you probably have seen, there are a gamut of petitions online these days, and every time you go to the polls to vote, you are probably ambushed with 20 people asking you to sign their petition. So, what makes a petition legal?

Good question. The answer, however, has nothing to do with the law. Unless it is a petition with certain legal requirements, such as one where you are running for office and need a certain number of signatures, petitions are very informal affairs. However, you should clearly state the purpose of the petition at the top, and the signatures should be authentic, with some identifying information, such as an address, particularly if it's jurisdictional. Finally, petitions aren't so much legal documents, but simply a way of showing someone you have support for the issue or issues. If you can verify that the support you have through signatures is authentic, you should be on solid grounds.

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