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Ancure Endograft

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The Ancure Endograft System, was used to treat people with a weakened blood vessel in the abdomen. The device itself wasn't defective, but the equipment used to insert it could become lodged. Emergency surgery was sometimes necessary to remove it. As a result, it was taken off the market by the manufacturer, Guidant Corporation, in 2003.


The decision to stop selling the Ancure Endograft System came just days after Guidant Corporation admitted it attempted to cover up problems linked to the device. The Indianapolis-based company has plead guilty on several felony counts against them.


Out of the more than 7,600 Ancure Systems implanted between September 30, 1999 and March 16, 2001, there have been at least 2,628 reported malfunctions, resulting in serious complications that were reported to Guidantóbut which Guidant intentionally failed to report to the FDA. Guidant has been fined $92.4 million to settle the criminal and civil charges brought against it by the United States Attorney on behalf of the FDA.


There are many lawsuits involving the Ancure System already filed in both state and federal court. If you have been hurt by the system, you should seek an attorney.


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